Consultations are by appointment only. These can be made throughout the day by telephone and also in person at our Reception desk, or please view our online appointment page here.

Appointments are pre-bookable in advance up to 1 week ahead only. ‘On-the-same-day’ appointments can only be booked by speaking to a Doctor on the number 01293 223666 and follow the instructions.

Doctors Appointments

Calls are answered by our reception team. You will be placed on the Doctors’ call list and the Doctor will telephone you back. The length of a doctor’s appointment is 10 minutes. If for any reason you are unable to attend any appointment please cancel your appointment by calling our Appointment Cancellation Line on 01293 536281.

Nurse Appointments and Phlebotomist Appointments

Phlebotomist appointments can be made online, by telephone or in person at Reception.

Practice Nurse appointments can be made by telephone or in person at Reception.

The Practice Nurses also have telephone clinics every day, which will enable them to make calls to patients regarding queries that can be dealt with by a Practice Nurse.

Appointment Cancellation Line

To save you both time and money trying to call the Surgery on the main number, the dedicated cancellation number is 01293 536281.

This number is an answer machine service where you will be prompted to leave your Name, your Date of Birth, the Date and Time of Appointment you wish to cancel and the Name of the Doctor or Nurse you were booked to see.

Please note that you cannot use this service for anything other than cancelling an appointment; any messages left on this phone which do not relate to cancelling an appointment will not be passed on and will be automatically deleted.

Carer Support Service

Ann Boss, our carer support worker is at the surgery on Tuesday mornings. You can contact her directly at the surgery or on 01293 657046.

District Nurses

Please contact 01293 228311.

Health Visitor

Paula Battersby 01273 666476.