Active Signposting

What is Active Signposting?

The Situation

The NHS is under pressure, illnesses are becoming more complicated, the population is living longer and budgets are being cut. GP’s need to spend more time with complex cases and those with chronic conditions. It is important that other members of the clinical team see patients appropriate to their skill sets.

The solution

Your NHS now offers a large number of Community Services and self-care options that you can access, without the need for you o see your GP.

If you request an appointment with your Practice, the receptionist may ask you the reason why you are asking for an appointment. If you provide the reason for your call, there is a possibility that the receptionist may be able to give you information about a service or self-care source that you could access for your symptoms, without the need for you to see a GP.

This will help to make sure that you, our Patient is given access to the most appropriate health professional with the least possible delay.

It is then your choice what to do with the information you are provided with, Southgate Medical Group wishes to empower you to get the best clinical advice and support.

The process

  • The Patient explains their problem to specially trained receptionists who has access to available care.
  • Receptionists then signposts patient to appropriate source of help whether that’s in the practice or somewhere else.
  • This can be one of the many community services or self-care options.
  • To help make sure you receive:
    • The most appropriate medical care
    • From the most appropriate health professional
    • At the most appropriate time