Chaperone Policy



The purpose of the policy is to set out the obligations for all staff working at Southgate Medical Group concerning the practice approach to protecting both patients and staff from abuse or allegations of abuse and to assist patients to make an informed choice about their examinations and consultations.


If an intimate or personal examination is required or if the nature of the examination poses a risk of misunderstanding then the following guidelines should be considered:

• Give the patient a clear explanation of what the examination will involve.

• Always adopt a professional and considerate manner.

• Always ensure that the patient is provided with adequate privacy to undress and dress.

• A sign offering a chaperone is in every consulting room.

If a clinician or a patient feels uncomfortable about an examination it would always be appropriate to consider using a chaperone. Once the patient has expressed a wish to use a chaperone the examination should never start until the chaperone is present. If a chaperone is unavailable then the appointment should be re-arranged.

We should also be aware that on very rare occasions a chaperone would be needed for a home visit.


The Clinician will contact the admin team to request a chaperone.

The Clinician will record in the clinical notes that the chaperone is present, and also identify the chaperone.

Where no chaperone is available the examination will not take place – the patient should not be permitted to dispense with the chaperone once they have expressed a desire for one to be present.

The chaperone will enter the room discreetly and remain there until the clinician has finished the examination.

The chaperone will normally attend inside the curtain at the heads of the examination couch and watch the procedure.

To prevent embarrassment, the chaperone should not enter into conversation with the patient or clinician unless requested to do so, or make any mention of the consultation afterwards.

The chaperone will make a record in the patient’s notes after the examination.

They should state that there were no problems, or give details of any concerns or incidents that occurred.

A patient can refuse a chaperone; if they do it must be recorded in their medical record.

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